2020 Festival Cancelled. - See Below

A message from our festival patrons, Jim Mageean and Graeme Knights 

Well, we should be at Upton Folk Festival  now, but we find ourselves in this unique situation! It is a great shame  Upton Folk Festival can’t be held this year, but we know you will be like us and thinking about next year’s Festival already.

 Upton FF is a great festival, and one that we have made into a bit of a working holiday, with both our partners joining us and enjoying the great range of events to attend. Upton FF goes from strength to strength and singers, musicians and dance sides travel the length and breadth of the country to be there, and rightly so.

Although it’s a great shame we are not there, we need to consider this as a give way sign rather than a stop sign! I would also like to acknowledge all the hard work done by the committee and behind the scenes team, who make it possible for us to attend the festival we all enjoy so much!

We will be back, we will be singing/playing/dancing again next year!

 Hope to see you all in 2021!

 Plans are being developed for Upton Folk Festival 2021 – so we look forward to seeing you then.

If you have bought tickets for this years event, you will have been contacted via the ticketing agency.

T-shirts and other stuff

No festival – even a virtual one – would be complete without merchandise! CDs will be available from the artist’s own websites but we have a few items of clothing which you might like, see below.

We’d like to invite any designers out there to create and send us a design for a T-shirt and/or badge on the theme of “THE FESTIVAL THAT WASN’T” – the ‘winner’ might even get a free t-shirt!

Contact chairman.uptonfolk@gmail.com