Clog Competition

This competition is intended to encourage performance and innovation in Clog dancing. We’d like to keep the rules open so dancers can wear what they like, use what music they like and fuse clogging with whatever style they like.  That doesn’t mean a traditional dance performed well and with character won’t blow our minds, but we just want to be open to anything. There should, however, be a recognisable amount of clog stepping content in your routine. (sadly, after much discussion, we have decided that Appalachian clogs/taps cannot be worn in the competition). 

There will be an under 12’s (as on May 1st) competition for younger dancers (solo or group performances welcome) and the main competition which is open to anyone (again, solo or group). Dancers will be marked in three different areas. Firstly performance – marks will be given for how well the dancer engages with the audience and draws them in. Secondly innovation – we’d like to encourage dancers to put their own spin on things, this could be by using steps you’ve created yourself, or creating interesting choreography with existing steps, perhaps using a different choice of music to perform your dance to… whatever you can think of that makes your routine different! Finally we’ll judge the technical difficulty of the routine performed and award marks accordingly.

Winners will be awarded with trophies beautifully made by our brilliant sponsor Phil Howard Clogmaker which will be engraved with the winners name and the date.

It’s the sixth time we’ve held the competition at Upton so please spread the word and if you think anyone you know might be interested then pass this on!

Happy dancing!

Tiny Taylor from The Demon Barbers