2019 was an excellent year for Dance Displays during the festival with a lot of old friends and plenty of new ones. The town was alive with the 61 sides attending and the procession through the town on the Sunday was as memorable as ever.


2020 will be much the same – if you were invited this year you will be invited again, invitations being sent out in the last week of November. Sides wishing to participate in future years should email the Squire with details of their group.


John Goldrick – Squire


Morris Sides

Faithful City

From Worcester city, now in their 41st year dancing Cotswold Dances

Anstey Morrismen

A male Cotswolds side from Leicestershire, sponsored by their local brewery.

Clocs Canton

a North West Morris dance group based in Canton, Cardiff, formed in 1986

Hobos Morris

Border Morris side of female dancers and mixed band. Our 25th anniversary this year

Foxs Morris

Started in 1999, all members of ‘the Friends of Cookley School’ or FOCS – hence FOCS Morris, later Foxs Morris

Aziza !

from Cheltenham, will dance “Medieval Fusion” – their own compilation of middle eastern/fusion styles.

Carreg Las

Carreg Las is a mixed border Morris dance side based in Abergwili near Carmarthen.

Lassington Oak

Based in Highnam, Gloucester, dancing Costwold Morris dances from various traditions. 

Meon Valley Morris

English morris/swing fusion dance side incorporating double jigs in both Clog-Jump Jive and Cotswold-Boogie

Flag Crackers of Craven

A mixed Border side from
Skipton,. They black up and wear clogs and colourful rag jackets.

Aelfgythe Border Morris

Aelfgythe are based in the village of Alvechurch and have just celebrated their 10th anniversary

Royal Oak Morris

The side mainly dance dances from the Cotswold villages with a particular focus on the village of Badby

Three Spires Morris

A women’s North-West side formed in 1982 and taking its name from Lichfield’s three-spired Cathedral

Cwmni Gwerin Pontypwl

Founded in 1983 aiming to keep alive the culture and tradition of Welsh music and dance

The Tattered Court

Based in Cheltenham, founded in 2016, a mixed border morris side who write their own dances.

Bare Bones Morris

Started in 1985 by a group of friends in the pub who thought it seemed like a good idea!

Severn Sisters Tribal

Formed in 2012 and based in Ironbridge, Shropshire, Severn Sisters dance in a tribal improvisational belly dance style.

Blackadder Morris:

A mixed side from Birmingham performing mostly self written dances loosely based on the North West Clog Morris Tradition.

Dorset Buttons Morris

A male rapper sword dance side from Wareham formed about 27 years ago. They are most unusual in dancing rapper wearing clogs 

Wickham Morris

Formed in 1980, the mixed side perform dances from the Cotswolds and the England-Wales Borders, plus new dances in traditional style.

White Hart Morris

Founded in 1972, and dancing mostly in the Cotwold tradition. Once at the White Hart Inn at Redditch, now at the Holly Bush in Alcester.

Bow Brook Border Morris

A Welsh Border Morris Side from Upton Snodsbury performing local dances formed in 2015. They have a unique MC!!

Old Speckled Hen Morris

Usually practice at Milton Heights near Didcot but you will see us at various festivals or days of dance this year.

Les Berriauds de Vierzon

A  dance side from the Berry region of Central France formed in 1961.

Golden Star Morris

Celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year after being formed in the pub of the same name in Norwich. Watch out for our famous wicker hobby horse ‘Champion!’

Nancy Butterfly

From Worcestershire and approaching their 40th anniversary, they dance traditional and self penned dances in the North West style.

Iron Men & Severn Gilders

Based in Ironbridge, since 1976, they are one side with two traditional Morris styles all danced to the rousing music of their foot-tapping band

Full Moon Morris

A mixed side based in South Wales – but also from further afield – who perform mostly Cotswold traditions including Headington, Fieldtown and Lichfield

Alvechurch Morris

Have been performing at Upton Folk Festival for almost as long as it has existed and always anticipate a fantastic weekend with sides local and far-flung!

Beorma Morris

Beorma Morris have been dumping tradition on the unwary since 2012. A Border side; “there’s probably something else at play here” Tom Besford

Otter Morris

A high energy border morris side based in the Otter Valley, East Devon

And Many More Sides including

Alvechurch Morris Men
Anstey Morrismen
Aziza!/Merrie Morgana
Bare Bones Border Morris
Barefoot Belly Dance
Bedcote Morris
Belle D’Vain
Belly Fusion  Dance Collective
Beorma Morris
Black Adder Clog Morris
Bow Brook Border Morris
Bradninch Millers Morris
Bunnies From Hell
Carlisle Sword & Clog
Carreg Las
Clocs Canton
Crook Morris
Cwmni Gwerin Pontypwl
Dorset Buttons
Faithful City MM
Flag Crackers of Craven
Folk Friendzy!
Foxs Morris
Full Moon Morris
Golden Star Morris
Happenstance Border Morris
Hobos Morris
Ironmen & Severn Gilders
Lady Bay Revellers
Lassington Oak
Ledbury Morris
Les Berriauds de Vierzon
Masons’ Apron
Meon Valley
Milltown Cloggies
Nancy Butterfly
Old Meg
Old Speckled Hen
Otter Morris
Owlswick Morris
Plum Jerkum
Ragged & Old
Raise the dust
Royal Oak Morris
Ryknild Rabble
Severn Sisters
Silhill Morris
Silurian Morris Men
Sowerby Bridge Morris Dancers
Stone The Crows
Styx of Stroud
Sweet Coppin
The Tattered Court
Three Spires Morris
White Hart Morris Men
Wickham Morris
Wild Oats
Wild Thyme Border Morris