Morris Sides

2018 was an excellent year for traditional dance displays during the festival with a lot of old friends and some new ones. The town was heaving with 56 groups attending over the weekend and a stunning procession led by The Mayor of Upton and the Festival Chairman escorted by Charles Gerard, his Rgt of Foote from The Sealed Knot

The two workshops on the Dances of Upton were well attended and very enjoyable. If anyone would like copies of the notation for The Innocent Hare adaptation of the Upton stick dance (free of charge by email) or “The Roots Of WELSH BORDER MORRIS” by Dave Jones (£5 plus p&p) please contact me via Squire@UptonFolk.ORG.

Next Year – much of the same – if you were invited this year, you will be invited again next year – if you were not invited but would like to be, please email me with the details of your group, style of dancing etc. at Squire@UptonFolk.ORG and I will send you an invitation in the latter part of this year.

Richard Hannah – Squire


Faithful City


From Worcester city, now in their 41st year dancing Cotswold Dances

More morris side details to follow