UFDSS / People

The Folk Festival is promoted by the Upton-upon-Severn Folk Dance and Song Society.

The Society appoints committee members to run the Folk Festival. The Society directors are:

ChairmanCeri James
Company Secretary and TreasurerBernie Dennis
Other directors: Geoff Johnson, Russ Franklin, John Shorter

Festival Committee: Ceri James, Geoff Johnson (Morris Squire), Sue Wilcock (Stewards), Nigel Moss (campsite set-up), Ayliffe Edwards (campsite set-up), John Bradshaw (spoken word), John Shorter (concert artists), Mo Bradshaw (concert artists), Ken Wilkinson (session co-ordination) , Russ Franklin (session co-ordination) and Rod Penlington (artistic support) Amanda Collicutt (Information Office Manager), Helen Ablitt

Other support:  Nigel Hartwright (stalls), Ian Bradshaw (programme editor)

Many thanks to many Upton-upon-Severn residents and venue owners/managers for their support for the Festival.