UFDSS / People

The Folk Festival is promoted by the Upton-upon-Severn Folk Dance and Song Society.

The Society appoints committee members to run the Folk Festival. These consists of:

Society Directors: Ceri James, Bernie Dennis, John Shorter

Festival Committee: Ceri James (Chairperson), Bernie Dennis (Company Secretary and Treasurer), Mo Bradshaw (Concert Artists and Deputy Chair), Sue Wilcock (Stewards), Amanda Collicutt (information Office Manager), Nigel Moss and Ayliffe Edwards (Campsite set-up), John Shorter (Concert Artists), John Bradshaw (Morris Squire), Ken Wilkinson (Fringe), Ian Bradshaw (Website & Programme editor) and Jo Kennedy (Admin).

Other support:  Andy Kinnear (Stalls)

Many thanks to many Upton-upon-Severn residents and venue owners/managers for their support for the Festival.