Poems, Yarns, Rhymes and Tales

Two Sessions of Words 

6.00- 7.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday – tbc

There will be two open sessions of poems, yarns, rhymes and short takes – possibly even interlaced with the odd shaggy dog story (but please note that the tales do not necessarily have to be connected to a shaggy dog – whilst a doggerel would be pushing to rather too far…)

Each performer will be offered a 5 minute spot, with possibly another, depending on the response and the number of potential performers. They will be  “come all ye” type of sessions, so there will be no paid performances – just the appreciation of like minded folk. Do note that these two sessions will not need Folk Festival tickets, and there’s no pre-booking required, so a “programme” will be assembled on the spot when it is  finally known who and what’s available, but a little foreknowledge would help.

So, both experience and budding wordsmiths are invited to contact the organiser, John Bradshaw, via john@jrbpub.net.

There will also be Story Telling by Spider’s web, held in the Upton Museum between 12 and 2pm on the Saturday.