Dances and Traditions of Upton


There will be a workshops about the history and performance of Morris Dancing in Upton at 10:30 until 11:30 on the Star decking (elsewhere if wet). The programme will be flexible depending on the numbers, interests and experience of the attendees.

The following will be covered:

The Morris and other dances in Upton including the last local dancers, their costume and performances and the collection of the dances.

Depending on time, numbers and interest instruction will be given in:

The 6 man Upton Stick Dance and Handkerchief Dance.

The 8 man Upton Stick and Handkerchief dances.

A modern variant of the Upton stick dance from Faithful City MM.

The Music of the Upton Dances (given by Glyn Watson sometime musician for Englands Glory, Appleyard, The Original Welsh Border Morris…).

The Dance Workshop will led by Richard Hannah, “Upton Foreman” and ex Squire of The Original Welsh Border Morris side. Also the current Fool with Faithful City.

Note    Depending on the overlap in delegates from Saturday to Sunday, the workshop will either be repeated covering the same material or will explore local traditions further.